How to Make Sense of Your Paperwork? Why not hire a lawyer…

Perhaps the idea of having a lawyer on retainer seems laughable for yourself or your company. However, oftentimes, many companies do in fact need a “specialist” in paperwork at hand.

Many types of commercial contracts contain complex legal terms and conditions, which take time to fully comprehend and understand. Specialists, who have reviewed thousands of such arrangements, can often spot the issue in the contract and advise their client, of the top of their head. The amount of time this saves, and the liability it can prevent, can be invaluable to a client or company.

For example, say you are negotiating a commercial lease in Dubai or Bahrain, a commercial landlord may try to add in provisions which prevent early termination, and which allow them to increase rent substantially. Spotting these terms, and knowing the laws and industry practices is what your retained lawyer can do for you. Filtering through such documents, they spot the issues and negotiate the terms you need. That way, in future if you do need to change offices or manage any kind of transaction, the way forward will be made a little easier.

There are also a myriad of complex transactions, such as loan agreements, compliance documents, Shariah Compliance agreements, and etc., which will need attention to detail and an experienced eye reviewing their contents.

Is it Expensive?

It doesn’t have to be. Many firms offer flexible arrangements to their clients. These can be fixed monthly sums, which can be adjusted depending on work, or special rates for certain document types, depending on length. Other firms may add on free consultations for their clients, to assist them in understanding their own paperwork, while others may even negotiate with third parties on their behalf.

When the relationship between the client and their attorney grows, some firms also offer flexibility in terms of payment, and additional service, giving the client a break when they face financial hardship, while also being a part of their client’s success when things go well. A healthy Lawyer-Client relationship is one which can grow flexibly with the needs of the business and both parties, and many firms recognize this, particularly when assisting startups.

Allegiance International is one of those firms who offers all of the above to our clients. Our clients success is our own success, and therefore, we consider ourselves partners in helping them achieve business sustainability.

The main purpose of contract review, paperwork, and planning is to achieve this sustainability, and as Corporate Lawyers, we consider ourselves experts in Business Sustainability.

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