Real Estate

Allegiance International attorneys have expertise in Real Estate and Rent Laws in the UAE, and other jurisdictions, including the US and Europe.
Our staff has experience in the following areas: Drafting Sale and Purchase Agreements/Tenancy Contracts, Representing clients (whether individuals or companies) in the registration of properties in the UAE and other Middle Eastern Countries, Property Transfer in the UAE (Normal transfer/Gift Transfer), Last Will and Testament to be signed for Dubai Properties, Setting up a JAFZA Offshore Company that can own property in Dubai, Property dispute Resolutions and unique solutions for the purposes of protecting assets during life and after death.




Location 1

Fujairah: Office floor. 17th & 18th, Creative Tower, Fujairah, UAE

Location 2

Sharjah: Office No. J01 & J02, Sharjah Publishing City, Near to Sheikh Muhammad Bin Zayed Road, Exit No. 68, Near to Al Zahia City Centre, Sharjah, UAE

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