Settling Real Estate Disputes in Dubai

Real Estate is one of the booming sectors of the Dubai market, and as such, deserves special mention when it comes to the application of law, and the settlement of property disputes.

Landlord-Tenant Matters

For Landlord-Tenant disputes, the correct venue for resolving such matters, under Dubai Decree № 26 of 2013 issued by His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, on 18 September 2013, is the Rental Disputes Center. This center handles landlord-tenant disputes in particular, and is under the jurisdiction of the Dubai land department. It does not hear disputes related to long term leases or finance lease contracts, as well as cases related to rental agreements in free zones where special committees or courts have been set up to manage these.

However, the court has exclusive jurisdiction over all other landlord-tenant matters in the Emirate of Dubai. The resolution center consists of a reconciliation court (pre-judicial settlement process), a First Instance Department (for hearings before the committee of judges with experience in real estate law) as well as an appeals department.

Proceedings before these departments are straightforward, and efficient, however all proceedings must be conducted in Arabic.

Allegiance International and RERA Disputes:

Due to our expertise and experience in handling disputes at the Dubai Rental Disputes Center, our firm offers a very specialized and affordable package for assisting clients in these matters. We charge a flat fee or percentage (limited amount depending on nature of dispute) per dispute, and help clients in the A-Z process. This includes representation before the court, proceedings in Arabic, memo drafting and presenting evidence.

Property Disputes in Dubai and the UAE

Property disputes in the UAE and Free Zones generally falls under the jurisdiction of the Dubai Courts, or the Court of the Free Zone if such a jurisdiction exists. As such, most property disputes shall be tried in the Dubai Court of First Instance, with regards to matters in Dubai. Allegiance can assist in these matters as well, given our experience. For these matters, our charges are also very affordable, while our services are impeccable. Settlement of such disputes are common, and we often aim to, and successfully manage to settle disputes prior to the filing of a case through an official legal notice.

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