Time bar and Arbitration Clause may not be Obstacles anymore

In our previous Article, we had shed light on the journey of the Unit Owners of a Tower affected by Fire. We were able to assist them to get compensated by the Insurance Company almost when they were about to give up because they thought their claim was time barred.

These Unit Owners barely managed to file cases before the limitation period prescribed by the Law for filing insurance claims was over and we did everything to make sure that their efforts did not go waste. The fruits of our labor came through and these previously anxious unit owners are now our relieved clients happy with the favorable judgements and full compensations achieved in their cases.

In this Article we want to focus on some among those Unit Owners who due to their personal reasons or due to lack of information or timing or due to sheer bad luck could not file the case within the limitation period. We were approached by few of such Clients who could not sit back and blame their fate. They wanted to know if they could hope for relief from the Courts and we assured them that when they have the law and justice on their side, we may not promise them relief but we definitely can promise them that we will go to all extents possible to get the most favorable outcome possible in their cases. All they needed to do was to have faith in us.

Their cases were not as easy as the claims filed before the limitation period and we told them so. We dived into their case files, worked with them to get more documents supporting their cases. We drowned ourselves in the applicable laws, regulations and precedents and came up with strategies to break the biggest obstacles in our paths, i.e. the Time Bar and the Arbitration clause as well.

The Honorable Court finally heard the plight of the Unit Owners who had lost their home and any hope due to procedural defenses in the law.

The Court, convinced by our line of argument backed by law and hard work, has issued a Judgment in favor of the Unit Owners
granting them full compensation claimed by us, after setting aside the defense of Time
Bar and Arbitration Clause. With boundless pride we shared this initial victory
with our Clients and we can proudly see the gleam of hope again in some more Unit Owners. “This we consider as our true achievement.”

We know that the journey is far from over yet and we need to trudge on as there may be Appeals, Executions and more obstacles.

But bring them on, we are ready to face them as long as our Clients trust us and the laws protect their interest.

  • Are you or anyone you know such a Unit Owner who has lost all hope to get compensation from the Insurance Company?
  • Are you worried about taking the risk of filing claims due to Time Bar and the Arbitration Clause or any procedural defenses in the Law?
  • Do you want to compensate the losses incurred by you due to the unforeseen fateful event that was not your fault?

The only way is to take action and the best time is now!

Get in touch with us and we may be able to help you especially with the favorable judgment in our hand. We never promise our Clients successful outcomes but we always promise them their best shot at it.

We also work with our Clients to provide innovative solutions to ease their financial burden through easy and flexible payment plans.

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